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Automated Measurement of Critical Cardiac Function

Sensydia Cardiac Performance System (CPS   )


Sensydia Cardiac Performance System

The Sensydia Cardiac Performance System (CPS) delivers rapid automated characterization of critical heart function utilizing machine learning algorithms. CPS is easily applied and a measurement is completed automatically in under 5 minutes providing ejection fraction (EF) without interpretation by the user. Rapid assessment of other critical cardiac performance measures beyond EF are under development . The CPS system can be applied by a professional healthcare staff member at almost any location enabling a dramatic expansion in assessment availability. CPS analytics are based on machine learning and include new algorithms exploiting signal processing and sensor fusion principles.


Rapid, Non-invasive Measurement of Critical Cardiac Function

Ejection Fraction is a critical metric for diagnosing and treating heart disease including heart failure.  CPS reduces the barrier to measurement of this most critical metric.  CPS advances critical availability and dramatically reduces time to measure by not requiring the burden of echocardiography and its complex operation, expert sonographer staff time, and lengthy interpretation delay. CPS is always available for frequent measurements at any time needed. Since CPS directly provides EF values without interpretation, inter-operator variability is eliminated.  CPS technology is currently under development to provide additional cardiac metrics including stroke volume, cardiac output, and others.

The CPS is perfect for the emerging trend in healthcare delivery from centralized hospitals to networks including satellite clinics. This a low cost, patient-worn, and easy to use system that does not require large investments in capital or training.
--Anthony Arnold, CEO, Sensydia 




Convenient disposable 

sensor application, familiar 

patient monitor interface. 


 Direct characterization of the most important cardiac function by automated measurement of Ejection Fraction.


 Provides immediate measurement result and may be applied by any professional healthcare staff.


The Epidemic of Heart Failure


 Hospital annual admissions with heart failure as diagnosis 


 Annual patient stays in ICU 


Non-cardiac surgeries performed each year on patients with cardiovascular risk factors

The demand for clinical cardiac monitoring in the clinic is expanding rapidly in medical center facilities and satellite clinics. Heart Failure (HF) is now often referred to as an epidemic. There are now over 980,000 new HF cases per year in the US alone. HF prevalence is such that it is the most likely diagnosis for any adult over age 65 admitted to a hospital. Over 6 million hospital admissions listed HF as a diagnosis. HF patient treatment requires measurement of Ejection Fraction (EF) as the most important metric for guiding treatment. 

 Heart failure 
is the #1 killer in the world and we believe CPS is the solution that can enable early detection, promote effective treatment and save lives. 

  --Dr. Aman Mahajan, M.D. CMO, Sensydia 




CPS Breakthrough:

Enabled by new sensor technology, new sensor signal processing, and machine learning analytics. 


CPS Development:

Created with a combination of cardiac physiology science, new device and analytics development, and extensive clinical trials.


CPS in Care:

Evidence-based treatment of heart disease with always available measurement of EF at anytime needed.

Critical Cardiac Assessment: Fast, Non-invasive, Real-time

Delivering Validated Ejection Fraction Instantly 

CPS has FDA 510(k) clearance and was shown to have equivalent performance to measurement with echocardiography of cardiac Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction. 

CPS solves an unmet need for convenient and accurate direct measurement of the most important cardiac function parameter, Ejection Fraction, in treatment of the most urgent healthcare concern - heart failure. 

Sensydia continues to advance future CPS technology with development of cardiac function metrics including stroke volume and cardiac output.


Sensydia Appoints Anthony Arnold as President and Chief Executive Officer

Sensydia Corporation, an innovator in rapid, non-invasive measurement of critical cardiac function, announced that industry leader Anthony Arnold has been appointed as chief executive officer and president and joins the Board of Directors. Arnold is a pioneer in bioelectronic medicine and surgical navigation and brings more than 20 years of leadership experience from a range of medical technology companies including Smith+Nephew, Medtronic, Boston Scientific and SetPoint Medical.

The FDA cleared Sensydia Corporation’s revolutionary Cardiac Performance System (CPS) that provides a fully-automated and non-invasive measurement of Ejection Fraction by patient-worn sensors. Sensydia developed the CPS to solve an unmet need for a convenient and accurate direct measurement of heart function via Ejection Fraction for the most urgent healthcare concern—heart disease and heart failure.

Jul 01, 2017

Sensydia Completes Series B Financing

Sensydia Corporation announces that it has complete a Series B financing. The financing was led by Colle Capital and included all Series A investors. The funds will be used to achieve FDA approval for its revolutionary wearable Cardiac Performance System for measuring Ejection Fraction, and to develop the machine learning analytics for other important heart conditions.

Apr 04, 2016

Sensydia Completes Series A Financing

Sensydia Corporation has completed its first round of financing which will be used to develop its patent pending technology to detect critical heart function measures such as Ejection Fraction, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, and many heart disease conditions.

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Sensydia is committed to developing technology for the rapid, non-invasive diagnosis and management of patients with heart disease. Sensydia merged expertise in clinical cardiology, biomedical engineering and machine learning in the development of fast, wireless cardiac function monitoring. The CPS system is enabled by advances in machine learning coupled with pre-clinical research, clinical trials and years of experience in cardiac critical care. Sensydia’s mission is to provide fast, easy-to-use, non-invasive monitoring of key cardiac performance metrics to reduce re-admissions, lower the cost of care and improve outcomes for patients with heart disease

Dr. Aman Mahajan, MD 


Dr. Mahajan, M.D., Ph.D. Ronald L. Katz Professor and Chair Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. He is also Professor of Bioengineering.  Dr. Mahajan is  Executive Director of the UCLA Perioperative Services program and the Co-Director of UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia and Neurocardiology Research Centers. 

Anthony Arnold


Anthony has 25 years in the development of successful high-tech medical devices. Anthony was long-time CEO and board member for SetPoint Medical where he grew the company from a three person start-up to the leading clinical-stage bioelectronic medicine company. Prior to SetPoint he served as VP of Marketing for Boston Scientific and was Director of Marketing at Medtronic. Anthony serves as advisor and board member for numerous early-stage device companies.

Wiliam Kaiser


William J. Kaiser Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCLA.  His background includes product development focused on advancing patient outcomes, promoting health and wellness and creating new healthcare delivery methods.


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